Software engineering

Before diving into any kind of software creation, it’s important to know the customer’s needs and technological environment. Your business processes, existing technological environment, performance, industry standards, and security requirements let us know what can be met with off-the-shelf software and what would work best with custom-developed software.

Custom software is built with the client in mind, taking specific preferences and expectations into consideration. The process is thorough, crafted in stages to allow for nuances and to anticipate hidden issues. The first stage encourages collaboration and may involve many departments, including general management, marketing, engineering, and research and development.

Large companies often use custom software for critical functions, including content management, inventory management, customer management, human resource management, or otherwise to fill the gaps present in their existing software packages. In most cases such software is legacy software, developed before software packages offering the required functionality becomes available.

Understandably, custom software is often perceived as expensive compared to off-the-shelf solutions or products. However, if developed by a reputable supplier that meets the client’s specific needs and agenda, it proves to be efficient, expedient, high-quality, and  well worth the investment.

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