Web development

Web development

A website is the first taste customers get of your company, and the recipe for a good website requires key ingredients. Our team of web designers, programmers, writers, and search engine specialists boasts the technical skills and artistry necessary to create an online experience that suits your palate and appeals to your customers.

Our company covers a wide range of services, such as the development of websites and applications, portals, e-commerce solutions, and scalable enterprise systems. By approaching every project with a well-balanced combination of creativity and skill, BBG Solutions developers can always guarantee the unbeatable quality and reliability of our web-based software products.

The BBG Solutions tech stack includes WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce, JavaScript, CSS, and other tools and programming languages that help create high-performing and scalable websites. The use of the most efficient and modern tools helps our developers continuously deliver the expected results and build reliable and secure websites.

One of the things that BBG Solutions pays specific attention to is the responsiveness of websites. We strive for quality consistency so our UI/UX designers always make sure the websites run equally well on all devices and platforms.

Our web development services imply full-cycle development. We take care of all project aspects, testing at every stage to ensure that the development process goes in accordance with the set requirements.


February 1, 2017


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