Software development

Software development

Whether you wish to enhance your business with a custom software solution or add extra functionality to the existing product, BBG Solutions will help you in every way. Be it full-cycle software development or a legacy application upgrade, BBG Solutions will take care of everything, from preliminary analysis to project implementation and its further support.

With over 12 years of experience, our company has served clients from different industries, including transportation, media, payroll, and fintech. We know our way around scalable projects of different levels of complexity and we can offer a unique solution tailored to specific business objectives.

BBG Solutions leverages its extensive knowledge of Java, .NET, and PHP to build robust enterprise solutions from scratch. Our portfolio features complex payroll systems, chemical formula management CRMs, project management systems, and web apps.

In case your software does not correspond to the current business requirements and could be more advanced, BBG Solutions can help you by upgrading your legacy application or designing new software for your business. Our team will perform a full analysis of your current system and suggest the best solution to either migrate the application or improve it with a new set of features.


February 1, 2017


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